Ecobee4 is avalable Now - The best Thermostat on the market according to CNET!


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Looks like its gonna have Alexa integrated, saving you a dot that you can use for another area.

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Ecobee 4 on sale @ Amazon today (11-6-17)

Most people’s thermostats that I have seen are not located in ideal locations for Alexa. A much better idea would be echo dot lil’bee’s (remote sensor with Alexa).


Hopefully this finally results in a working Alexa integration with the ecobee scheduling feature.

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Yeah, it’s coming, and I’m ready for it


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Here is the announcement:

CNET says : “There’s no comparison – the Ecobee4 is the best smart thermostat available today.”

Suggested Retail price: $249 with the integrated Alexa voice skills, not too bad!

For a comparison of Ecobee vs. other ST connected thermostats, refer to

The best features for ST users:

-The rich APIs that allow to control almost every aspect of your smart thermostat in Home Automation scenarios under ST (see my previous post for details) and

-The HomeIQ portal which allows you to access ALL your data (contrary to Nest).

See the HomeIQ screenshots here:


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Here is a comparison between the 3 remaining products at ecobee:


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And, the most surprising feature is not the ecobee4 thermostat itself, it’s the ecobee smart switch with built-in voice control with Alexa that you can install throughout your home:

See the picture in the article below:


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That’s a very good idea, it can save you $50 by buying this ($79) instead an additional echo ($49) and additional sensor($79) hopefully it has Z-Wave?

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Hi, I don’t think the switch will be compatible with Z-wave, it will probably based on the same proprietary protocol used for the ecobee remote sensors.



So after seeing the announcement from ecobee, I’m not sold on this solving the scheduling issue when using Alexa. Is there something you know that wasn’t in the release?

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What kind of scheduling issues? Just asking as I usually don’t use the native Alexa integration with ecobee… I’m mostly using the Ask Alexa smartapp with My ecobee Device and I don’t have any scheduling issues (as I know of)…

Could you expand a bit?



Sure, an easy example is telling Alexa to set the temperature to 72 degrees. With the ecobee 3 that would set the temperature in a permanent hold at 72 degrees and would never return to the ecobee 3 schedule. What I was hoping to see announced was at least the ability for when Alexa sets the temperature to X degrees the amount of time that the ecobee would stay at that temperature would be dictated by the default hold action settings.

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If you use the Ask Alexa smartapp with Myecobee Device, you can change the default holdType setting to be nextTransition instead of indefinite in the device preferences parameter.

For more details, refer to the configuration section at the ST Community Wiki:


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iMore: ecobee4 vs. Nest: Which smart thermostat should you buy?

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So… Is it worth the new hardware with alexa or the 3 is good enough? Are the new sensors better than the 3 version?


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Full review here:


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Is the new ecobee4 worth the upgrade? The reviewer is trying to answer this question here:

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Here is the experience of a community member who has replaced his Nest for the latest ecobee4:


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And, here is another one who decided to switch from Nest to Ecobee4:


Nest Thermostat: What's your thoughts?

I’ve been searching but can’t find the answer: Is it possible to choose which sensor to use based on time of day, i.e. use the downstairs sensor/ecobee during the day and one upstairs in one of the bedrooms at night? Or would it just be occupancy based?