New Device Integrations - Bose SoundTouch and LIFX

Working OK for me, but this is 11 hours after your post :confused:

Looks like cloud connectivity issue, IFTTT couldn’t control it either. Power cycled when I got home and all is well. The LIFX site does indicate they had an issue today, also I had tried out their new Windows 10 app. Either one could have put the bulb in an unhappy state I suppose.

There does appear to still be a firmware bug in the LIFX bulbs which occasionally causes a bulb to lose cloud connectivity, requiring the bulb to be power cycled to restore correct operation.

When this first appeared (back when the LIFX cloud was still in beta) it was far more frequent, typically occurring after a couple of days. The first fix seemed to reduce the period between recurrence’s to over a week, then a subsequent fix has made it far less frequent. With three bulbs, I now see perhaps one occurrence of this issue every two months. So, far less annoying than it was, but still frustrating when it does happen (and also presumably much harder to track down the bug :frowning: ).

When this occurs, you’ll find:

  1. The bulb in question can still be controlled with the LIFX app via
    the local LAN/WiFi.

  2. The bulb in question cannot be controlled via the LIFX cloud (e.g.
    using the LIFX app via a cellular connection rather than WiFi or
    using IFTTT, SmartThings, etc.).

  3. Other LIFX bulbs on the same LAN/WiFi can still be controlled via
    the LIFX cloud and third party systems such as IFTTT, SmartThings,

Power cycling the offending bulb is the only fix I’m aware of when this occurs.

My original LIFX bulb turns green when I select the yellow colour in Smart Lighting. It also turns green when I select green. Is aynyone else seeing this, or is this some issue with my installation? The other colours I tested seem fine.

The colour is fine when set with the LIFX app. When I try to go to the device in the SmartThings app, I get an app crash, so I can’t verify that the colour is correct when setting it with the ST app colour wheel. I can turn the light on / off with the ST app.

Will all the supported Bose speakers work for TTS applications ? Can we leverage Notify with Sound App for SONOS , even for these speakers?

The Bose speakers do not yet support audio notifications like our Sonos integration.

@Tyler Is that something that is on the road map, or as of now its just SONOS with that support? So when we say that these speakers are supported…Is that to turn it ON/OFF? And control play/pause/stop via ST App? What other use cases can we leverage from this integration?

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Bought a Smartthings Hub when I noticed my Bose Soundtouch appeared in the list of devices supported. Bummed to find out in the current state it’s quite useless and shouldn’t really fit in the supported device list. Until we can use the actual speakers there’s really no point in pairing the device to Smartthings.
Are you guys working on a solution for this?

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hi Tyler - are you going to be adding groups to lifx integration soon? any eta on it? thanks

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Any plans to support LIFX properly over LAN?

The LIFX/SmartThings integration is an official integration created by the LIFX team. There are no plans to change the functionality of the integration (Cloud vs LAN).

That is extremely disappointing.

Last week my ISP was playing up and I didn’t have a connection for about 8 hours… so I couldn’t turn my lights on. I don’t think that is an acceptable state of affairs for a supposedly modern home automation system.

I know that you guys are trying to rectify this by having rules execute locally - but if your devices only connect to the system via the internet then the whole thing falls on it’s face.

What is the reason there are no plans to do this?

Is it that that Smartthings is not capable of running the LIFX LAN API?

From what i’ve seen over the past few months that i’ve been an ST user and/or creeping on the forums I really don’t believe that they are focused on new integration at all. Their model is to let other companies integrate with them, not vice versa. Tyler answered your question right above you. Lifx created this integration.

There are many possible reasons that lifx didn’t use their lan api, but my guess is ST doesn’t support that type of integration, Or it was much easier for them to do cloud to cloud. To get the full story, and find out what the actual reasons are, you will probably have to seek out the answer from lifx.

yes but they could not implement groups functionality because of a limitation you placed on them.

Groups are very much needed.

any thoughts? do i need to go back to a user made app for lifx to work fully? or will groups come soon ?

I’m trying to connect a Bose SoundTouch 10, but when I go through the steps in Marketplace of selecting the Bose SoundTouch and try to connect, I get the message below. But my hub is updated. I can’t seem to get any further. Any advice would be appreciated.

Here is my hub info for reference: hub v2, US customer Rev E
Firmware: 000.014.00026
Last Updated: 2016-01-21 7:54 PM UTC

Known issue, you either have to reach out to support (not sure how responsive they are to this fault), or amend the code for the Bose SoundTouch and publish yourself.

you need to amend the code to not do a firmware check, its covered in the following thread, for a different smartapp, but the principal is identical

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Hi, What functionality does ST support with Bose SoundTouch

I don’t have it myself.

My Guess is you can play, pause, stop and TTS like the other integrations. AFAIK the only one that is different is Sonos which you can set 6 preset audio sources/playlists to choose from (I wish I would have gone that route because of the presets)

Six months later and still doesn’t work?..

I’ve just spent £159 on a Bose speaker just for audio notifications. After setting it up and not being able to work, I look at the forums and realise it is not meant to work.

This is really bad communication from Samsung and I’d like to know if I need to return the Bose speaker or wait. How long is the wait going to be?