New Device - Fibaro Keyfob - 24 actions

Saw a news story Fibaro has a new hub available and the key fob will be available next week for $50. Found it on amazon (shows out of stock). Wish it could do presence too.

I have a US version working like a charm - great job.

Would really love to see a YouTube video with someone demonstrating the Fibaro system.

Forgive me as I am pretty new to ST so this will be a NOOB question. I have a number of ZWave outlet points. I want to use this fob to switch on and off these points. Square for one, Circle for another etc. What is the best way of programming this to work? If I use a Smartapp it does not distinguish between the buttons and just sees the Fob as one control device.

Thanks for your help.

Try looking up Core or Even the New beta 1 of WebCoRE for all kinds of automation.
Will take you some time but in the end it will expand your hub experience to a new level .

Thanks einars I will check that out now.

Smartapps including Core will only see it as one button unless you use a custom device type Handler which exposes all of the different functions as different button numbers.

If you haven’t used custom code before, it’s pretty simple. Basically you’re going to copy the author’s code and paste it into your own account. The following FAQ describes that process:

If that sounds like something you want to try, you can find custom code contributed by the community by using the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki:

In this case you would look in the device type handler section on the list for “remotes and buttons.”

And you would find the following:

Once you install that, most SmartThings code, including the official smart lighting feature, will be able to recognize the individual buttons.

So you won’t actually need core for this. You can just use smart lighting. But you do have to first install the custom device type handler and assign your key fob to that. :sunglasses:

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Do not remember this one to give anything without a custom handler. And by default you got button #1 to #6 default. But good explenation. At pub quiz so on mobile here :slight_smile:


Hi, my question is simple.

I’m looking for a keypad like this to arm and disarm the alarm in the house.

Do you think is possible to create a sort of code by pressing a sequence of buttons?

Eg XXo+ to arm and --XX to disarm.

Any help is appreciated

What country are you in?

In the US, the Centralite 3400 keypad ( sold under several brand names including iris and Xfinity) is very popular with SmartThings.

In the U.K., the BE Next Security Keypad ( also sold under the Zipato and Wintop brand names) works well.

Both of these require a custom device type handler. Look on the security devices list in the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki.

Wow JDroberts i’m very glad that you pay attention to me. I follow your post and i consier you one of the best in this market.

Anyway i live in Italy where smarthings is a very DIY, no support and no device.

The zipato one must stay inside and i don’t like to use it after door opened. I use vibration to send a first beep to the siren. I want prevent intrusion not manage it.

The smarthings presence sensor is the best but it is expensive and life battery is very poor.
Geofancing is a good idea but you have to open daily the app, you cannot apply this Handling to the Whole family.
Bluetooth is sleeping in the hub.
I use a movement sensor that let the siren beep if the alarm is armed and somebody arrive close to the door, if you heard a beep means that the system is armed then i have hide a xiaomi button.
If you hold 3 seconds the button the siren beep twice, it means system disarmed.

Best things for me is a keyfob with good battery life with the best level of automation to arm and disarm.

I know is a bit complicated that’s why i choose smarthings, everytime there is a warkaround…. Or i hope so

Inviato da Posta per Windows 10

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So you want to carry a key fob with you but use a code on it?

If so, @tgauchat has some logic for that and you could just use it with the Aeon 4 button key fob. That is available on both the US and EU frequencies.

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Many folks on the forum hope it will be awoken one of these days! :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

Hopefully, that will come to pass! :sunglasses:


Hey I’m lost as to how to set up Fibaro KeyFob with my Samsungs hub/SmartThings. I have no idea where to start. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers

I’m using the custom DTH, and I’m trying to specify the button for an action.
After I select the Fibaro KeyFob, I get the following screen:

Same here!! Did you find a fix? I’m pulling my hair out with SmartThings and Remotes recently.

No fix in sight.
I’m going to remove everything and start over.

Has anyone had any problems with the fob not working when getting back to you house after being away? E.g. popping to the shops and when you get back . It seems like it’s not reconnecting properly or something. Which kind of negates the reason I got it so I can use it as a remote for my door lock. The only way to get it to work again is to take out the battery and put it back in which is a real pain. When it’s reconnected it works fine.


I have my KeyFob synced (via circle and plus) and IDE events indicate that SmartThings is detecting various button presses, but Smart Lighting is erroring out when trying a simple automation to turn on a Light.

See my error below. Realise I can try use Core but was trying to start with the official Smart Lighting…

Hi Guys,

I’m struggling to get the Keyfob added to my smartthings hub.

I’ve successfully added the device handler but the fob won’t sync.

I tried clicking a button thrice when searching for and item but that didn’t work. Also tried O and - and selecting the green icon and hitting plus but that doesn’t work either.

Please can someone help?