New Developer (2019)

I’m a 30 year software developer but new to smartthings and looking for advise on where to start. I have a need to add a “Power Allowance” feature to my WaterCop water valve using the Fortress setting. The Power Allowance is available for light & electrical sockets. Specifically looking to shut the valve off 15 minutes after turning it on.


Option 1, webcore: just write a script to do what you want; will run in the cloud so only works when your internet connection and ST servers are both up and running.
Option 2, native ST running locally: create a virtual switch and make a power allowance automation for that. Create automation #2 that turns the switch on when the valve opens. Create automation #3 to close the valve when the switch turns off. (I can’t test this right now because my WaterCop is offline but I think otherwise the new app would allow me to create #2 and #3…)

Thank you for that. Option #2 & #3 sound easier. I’m using the later version of the ST app.

It’s hard for me to even say this but…you “should” try to stick with the New App for everything that you can since the Classic App will eventually be retired.

Ok I said it!

Now, if you want the full power of ST then the Classic App and webCoRE is the way to go! It so darn easy to use and is so powerful.

I guess now that I have officially recommended the New App, let me try to it out again. The last 50 times I’ve tried using it has been pure torture.:weary:

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Hello everyone.

Check out the Rules API

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