Can’t create automation where a device’s state is the condition for that same device to change states ( how to set up power allowance in V3 app?)

I’m trying to create two automations that are running into the same problem. I am trying to have it so that if a device turns on, it will turn itself off after x amount of minutes. However, it seems that I can’t make a device turn off if the condition for it turning off involves itself. Am I doing something wrong? It’s kind of frustrating that such a basic concept doesn’t even work.

If memory serves me correctly, this can be done in “smart lighting”. As your trigger use “power allowance”.

This seems to work for my first automation, but I am also trying to do the same thing for my door lock (I can’t use the preset because I don’t have a sensor). I want it to lock x amount of minutes after it has been unlocked, but I don’t see a way to do this.

Unfortunately, I don’t use any smart locks so I can’t help with this one. If no one else chimes in here, create a new thread describing what you want to do with the door lock.

Alright, well thank you anyways for your help

Unfortunately This is a restriction of the custom automation creator, And also a common complaint. Only thing you can do at this point is use install the classic app and use it to install webCoRE. Also email your dislike of this restriction to support and leave it in app reviews.

Well I emailed support and let them know the issue. Here’s hoping they’ll change it. It seems a bit pointless to remove a basic feature like that. Thanks anyways for your help.

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