New Canadian Smartthings Owner confused about which 3 way switch to buy

Hi after buying wifi bulbs for a while i realized it may be better to get a hub to integrate with the alexa echo system and the hub V3. I am trying to figure out which switch would be better and cheaper. I only need the 3 way switch at 4 locations and the rest would be just normal smart switch. i am planning to buy wyze sensors to integrate with motion sensors. The main confusion i have is if i get wifi switches like tp-link will they work with the hub? or do i have to go z wave and zigbee ? if so what is a good retailer too look at in canada?

Official supported device list

Can I ask what benefits you thought having a SmartThings Hub would get you? Particularly since budget is a consideration.

The main benefit of a smartthings hub is that You can use Z wave and zigbee devices. But there are now many Wi-Fi devices available generally at lower cost. As well as devices which use their own proprietary networks like Wyze.

Wyze sensors, for example, work just fine with Amazon echo, but they don’t have any integration with smartthings at the present time. It’s not impossible to create some partial integrations If you use echo as a “ Man in the middle“, but then there’s no reason to have a smartthings hub.

So I’m just trying to figure out what your use would be for the hub to begin with. :thinking:

(There have also been some recent issues with Canadian residents being unable to get warranty service on SmartThings branded devices, including the hub. It’s very odd and very frustrating since people are being rejected even for hubs bought at major retailers like Staples and Amazon. So at the moment I am very nervous about suggesting that Canadian residents purchase smartthings branded devices. :disappointed_relieved:

Canadian owner - confused, frustrated and, honestly, furious)

So I would suggest that initially you stick with an echo-based system and look at TP Link Kasa and Meross brands, along with Wyze for cameras and sensors, because you can’t beat the Wyze prices. :sunglasses:

Then if you have a specific use case which can’t be solved by those, you can come back and ask here about what other options might be.

If you like the smartthings app, you can use it for free without having a smartthings hub. As I mentioned, there’s no official integration with the Wyze sensors. But both TPLink and meRoss have smartthings integrations for some models. Again, no hub required. :sunglasses:

That’s the list for the US. There is no official webpage list for Canada, they just tell you to check the Device list in the new V3 smartthings app. :canada:

The technical specifications are the same, but the warranty and support options may be different.

Here’s my 2 cents worth, which is 1.35 cents USD :slight_smile: :canada:
When I started all this 6 years ago I replaced my 3 ways like a good boy along with the slippery slope.
After all this time I would never have wasted the time or money.
I have automated the house in ever aspect, mostly with WebCore.
I have found that I never use the 3 way switches and now put white blocking plates over them. When your house starts to “see” you and respond there is no need to use most switches no matter what part of the house you’re in.
You come home, the light come on, you move down the dark hall, the lights come on, staircase, top or bottom…

Hi, the main things was i had started buying wifi connected bulbs and then realized that i can do the samething with switches. My wife hates to have to ask alexa or use the app her expectation was that there is a switch that she can push to turn on the light or some sensor that turns it on. I was looking into Zigbee and Z-wave devices and i realized that if i choose a standard i should stick with one. So budget wise i have about 200 dollars per room but i am looking at amazon and prices seem to fluctuate day by day. I was looking at IFTTT and echo and smartthings integration.

My main use would that if i bough Zigbee or Z-wave i would not have to buy a hub i can use the smartthings hub unless i am mistaken. I am looking at having most of my light come on after a sensor detects movement on a specific sensor and unless the object/user moves out the light remains on. Having things like notification for garage door open. I have been looking at TPLink and meRoss.

This is what i am looking for my only issue is my wife wanting a physical switch. Ideally i want sensors all over the place with functions that define light intensity and which lights come on during the day and night. I am looking at having blinds in the future be automated as well.

I understand, but there are WiFi wall switches as well, just as there are zigbee smart bulbs. :sunglasses:

Both TPLink Kasa and Meross make WiFi wall switches. You can trigger these to come on from your Wyze motion sensors just using Alexa routines. You don’t need smartthings for that. :sunglasses:

ok fair enough. Is it possible to have a web interface through a tablet that allows me to turn things on and off? That would be ideal but not a deal breaker.

Certainly. You can just use the Alexa app if you want, many people do. It’s not fancy, but it works fine. :sunglasses:

Alternatively, as I mentioned, you can use the free smartthings app without needing to buy a hub and it will work with some specific models of some specific brands, including some of the TP Link Kasa switches and some of the MeRoss switches.

The following screenshot is from an account which does not have a hub.

Ahh i see. Wow now i am wondering other then already having zigbee and zeewave devices and doing custom automation is there any benefit to the hub? I know i will use the wyze sensor starter kit 70 dollars in canada with a cam but i will probably buy smartthings motion sensor and door to cover the entire house.

Thanks for providing info and good feedback it is really appreciate.

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If you want to use the smartthings brand motion and door sensors, those are zigbee, so you would have to either get a smartthings hub or get an echo plus (which has a zigbee hub inside).