New App Automation Periods Day/Night Sunrise / Sunset

When trying to configure an automation that only works at night usinng time period Day / Night the selection of Sunrise / Sunset and offsets is not logical. Surely if the period is Daytime, then the start should be Sunrise +/- an offset, and the end should be Sunset +/- offset. Conversely for Night, Stuart should be Sunset +/- offset, and end should be sunrise +/- offset?

In my current version of the app there is no way to do this. Does anyone else have this issue?

App is IOS version 1.6.52

I “had” (old app) about 20 routines which were “turn On xx minutes before/after sunset AND also turn off AT.
Sunset varies with seasons but bed time is predictable. Now there is no Also or And follow up.
Yes, I can make a scene “bedtime” to shut all down but bird bubbler and garage lights etc are not bedtime.
So I’ve created 2x + more automations to do the same things. Not an improvement but there may be a better way; I’m just not aware of one.