Alexa Remote with Fire TV Stick

I have several Fire TV Sticks in my house that have the remote with “Alexa” voice control. Without an Echo or Echo Dot will this allow any control of my ST connected devices? I did not think so but Amazon seems to imply that the remote does many of functions of the echo devices: “Just press the microphone button and ask to play music from Pandora, order a pizza from Domino’s, shop for popcorn and snacks, and more.” I plan on getting a dot the net time they are on sale, was just curious.


Yep, once you link your Alexa App to SmartThings then any Alexa Enabled Device will work for ST Control.

So darn cool! Even my little Alexa Scanner (Dash) I purchased for $free.99 works!

Sounds great, I’ll have to look into linking the app now.

What do you do with the scanner??

Absolutely Tootly Nothing! Played around with it the first couple of days and thought it wasn’t reading anything. Then went to go and purchase something on Amazon and I had all of this crap in my shopping cart! I thought it would have done the following:

Press Button to Scan
Dash, “Name of Item, Would you like for me to add it to your shopping list?”
Yes or No

Amazon in their infinite wisdom decided to just skip the shopping list (Alexa App) altogether and put items scanned by the Dash directly in your Amazon cart (Nothing to do with Alexa). As if you don’t use your shopping list to shop at any other stores than Amazon.

Oh Yeah!! I know what we do with it now…It has a magnet on it so we use it to hold the kids awards or homework or any other note that we put on the refrigerator…:rofl:


Thanks for the info.