NEW Advanced User App for SmartThings Web!

I hadn’t noticed you can change the icon for a routine in both the Advanced Web App and the mobile app now. Neat!


Create a new Routine and notice the difference for selecting icons now


Are the actions of this scenes (manually run routines) new

Are the conditions and actions of this rules (automatic routines) new

or are they new only to me?

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New to me also.

The only way I’ve found to access those details is to go from a device that is referenced by the Rule or Scene.

The Scene’s and the Rule’s name is link and by pressing the link you can see their summary and actions.

You have to scroll down and then you see the actions of the scenes and the rules.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I’ve found all those details.

But so far as I can find there is no list of all Scenes and Routines, there is only the In Use By list for each device.

Am I missing something?

From left side menu you can open Scenes and Rules list

Ah! I was missing something. Thanks! No idea why I didn’t look there…

It seems like we’re getting some progress towards more things running locally.

While the app doesn’t show the house icon on my Scenes, the Advanced Web UI shows all scenes as local execution as long as all devices referenced in the scene are running locally.

However a Routine that executes a scene still runs in the cloud.

And yes, I’m boycotting the name “manually run routines”. At least until it’s used consistently thru the whole platform.


Am I the only person who is confused. I was excited to see that the Advanced User App now had Rules. But disappointed and confused when what is shown are Automatic Routines (name from the iPhone App) rather than Rules (from the Rules API).

Seems to me that there is no consistency about naming and support. Are Rules (as defined by the Rules API) being deprecated?

Just confused here.

Yes, that is a bit of a head scratcher. Regardless of what they are calling them I find it a bit strange that the Routines are there at all. The whole way Routines have always been pitched is as simple turnkey automations in the client apps that don’t really have anything ‘advanced’ about them.

I am really beginning to fear for them. I’ve been waiting three or four years for key functionality that is used in the Routines to make it to the public Rules API but not a sniff, and I’ve been waiting two years for the sunrise/sunset bug in cloud Rules to be fixed with no joy. Far from being enhanced to webCoRE levels of functionality, in real terms they’ve gone backwards.


Something that would be helpful is a menu to merge two Smartthings Thread Border Routers onto one same network.
Same with the other protocols. They’re currently seen as separate non-joinable networks by Home Assistant.

Which leads me to another point, Google & Apple routers let us add our own Home Assistant border routers to their networks, none of my smartthings hubs let me do that. An option to open that up in advanced settings would be nice.

The underlying functionality to do this is not currently part of the smartthings architecture. So it’s not something the UI can offer. :disappointed_relieved:

Unfortunately, the third-party standards organization for matter did not strictly define how thread networks would interact, and that has resulted in most people having multiple thread networks. This is being much discussed in industry blogs, but there’s no solution yet:

I think your suggestion is an excellent one, and I would definitely like to see it, I just wanted to mention that it is not a UI issue, it’s an issue for how Samsung chose to implement thread.

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The information is confusing becasue in the Smartthings station how to use section it says you can set up multi-hub with two stations. However in settings there is no place to turn that on but idk if thats becasue I have the hub3 and a station.

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Devices in one thread network can communicate with devices in another thread network through a thread border router, so that’s not necessarily inconsistent with the information in the industry blog articles. But definitely confusing. :thinking:


correct, the multi-hub setup only works with multiple Stations. One of the sessions at SDC next week mentions updates to multi-hub and hub migration, so maybe more news next week


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I am having issues with zigbee devices dropping of the network. Is there any way using the advanced app to determine why? In IDE you could see the network path which atleast suggested where the problem might lie assuming it’s related to a flaky repeater. Thanks in advance.


Export support ( CSV and JSON) for events has come at some point in October.

my_smartthings_com-advanced Export Events

Edit: The events of one device or all devices ( one location ) can be exported.

It’s also possible to export the device list.

my_smartthings_com-advanced Export Data 1