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(Pmsmaker) #1

See SmartThings Update #41
"Using and SmartThings, you can set up triggers to send a message when the wash is done,
detect when the garage door opens, or turn on the music when you start the hot tub."

Just 5 days & < $30K left to stretch goal to add expansion port. A few more backers please. Just check out the video.

(Jeff DeWolfe) #2

I have kicked in on this. Hopefully this small bump will allow for more people to see it and help fund!

(Pmsmaker) #3

Now 60 hours to go. Expansion port goal met.
33 early birds left.

New buzz -

(Tom) #4

I’m in! Can’t wait for June to get it.

(Brian Steere) #5

I’m in as well. Not entirely sure as to what I may do with it, but looks interesting.

(Alex Christensen) #6

I received mine last week and wired it in yesterday. The appliance detection and SmartThings integration aren’t ready yet. Since that is mostly what I want it’s not much more than a nice graph right now. We’ll have to see how useful it is once those are available.

(Samuel) #7

I also backed for both SmartThings and Neurio. My Neurio is arriving next week. The integration would be interesting.