Capability energyControl

Here is a new capability that goes beyond a power meter or an energy meter…

Here are devices that fit (more or less) this profile:



Should have mine delivered later this week. I’ll post an update with regard to the install and capabilities. I’ve asked for API access and will take a stab at a device type to see what can be linked over.

Hi @mmlabelle, I’ve been also planning this integration for a while. I was also in talks with the Neurio team
about this integration.

I’ve just released a beta device following my Neurio installation at home.

Maybe, we could work together to add features. Let me know.


Absolutely. Unit was just delivered to the house, so I’ll need a few days to install and get comfortable. Still waiting to see if I get API access, did you get access?

Yes, I got the API keys. I now need to work on the Service Manager…