Netvue Belle Video Doorbell With Artificial Intelligence Integration With Yale Conexis L1 Smart Lock Unlocking Door For Guests Automatically

For years I have had a ring video doorbell since before they were available in the UK, I imported mine when the version 1 video doorbell became available replacing doorbot.

I have now after years of loyal use just updated my front of home ring video doorbell (still have them on other doors and gate) from one which was motion activated before recording to a Netvue Belle video doorbell that records 24/7.

The Netvue Belle video doorbell has built in artificial intelligence so that it can automatically handle my package deliveries and be the first point of contact for guests, only contacting me if necessary.

It can even unlock my Conexis L1 smart lock for my authorised guests, take a look at the example video at the top.

My friends know not to show without an invite or unexpected so anyone else who shows at my door is a cold caller and deserves to be kept waiting while my Netvue Belle video doorbell filters whether they are worth contacting me about.

There are a few bugs that need working out of the Netvue Belle as you can expect with any new product, but it is going in a great direction with what it allows so far.

The app has an unlock button on screen so I can unlock my conexis l1 smart lock when I see who is at my door without jumping out of my video doorbell app to SmartThings.

Before I had to jump out of my ring app to smartthings when I wanted to let friends or family in and then back over to ring to tell them the door was unlocked, usually with them letting the door relock before they tried the handle, so far from an integrated solution like now.

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It seems pretty slow.

Both the amount of time it took you to enter your own home, and the lag in showing the feed on your fire TV.

The first video reminded me of trying to navigate an automated phone system, and getting annoyed that you can’t just talk to a human. Why do that to your guests?

Hi Mark, I don’t use my netvue belle video doorbell unlock icon to let me into my own home, I touch the lock with my phone or twist my phone and get let in.

The video of the unlocking the door by app was simply to show it can be done as the Netvue Belle video doorbell was only made for integration with electromagnetic locks, so I had to find a way to get my Conexis L1 smart lock connected to my Netvue Belle to unlock it.

IFTTT support will be coming to Netvue Belle which will allow the facial recognition to be used to unlock the front door for authorised guests.

Anyone who shows up at my door without an appointment or invitation deserves to get filtered by an AI that makes them wait, since cold callers are simply not welcome.

So when the ex dropped by after midnight the other day I am glad my Netvue Belle video doorbell didn’t bother pushing a notification to me and kept her outside before asking to take a message, lol. :wink:

Some people, especially COLD CALLERS just deserve to be left out on the doorstep until they take the hint and leave.

That’s excellent. (coming from someone with a Ring Pro and Conexis L1 that has to flip between apps).

Amazon certainly have some work to do to get Ring up to speed.

For now though, the battery drain issue on the Conexis is preventing me from using it with ST.

I remember being excited about the Ring Pro when it first came out since it is mains powered, but I feel they missed a massive opportunity then to build in facial recognition and not just person and car detection, they could of brought that in years ago.

I asked for over 2 years for facial recognition or smartthings support so that a yale smart lock could be used but nothing happened.

Now Amazon owns Ring I think facial recognition and the ability to unlock doors will come like in the USA where Amazon uses cameras and smart locks with access for delivery drivers to just open your door and drop in PRIME deliveries if you want them too.

What battery drain issue with Conexis L1, if you mean when you have Z Wave added which checks in and drains the battery, if you turn off check ins then it will last longer.

I don’t know about the original z-wave module, but I have the module 2 (blue one).

It goes through a fully charged pack of Duracell Ultra in about 5 days.

I don’t think I’ve seen an option for check ins… where’s that?

Try Energizer Lithiums. Rechargable batteries are sometimes not good for things like locks and cameras.

Sorry, when I said fully charged I meant brand new premium alkaline batteries fresh out of the packet.

It’s definitely not right.

ETA: There is a case open with ST and they are aware that there is an issue. Yale are also aware of the issue, although they suggest it only affects ST users.

I’ve been using the original Z Wave module since 2016 when the conexis came out and alkaline batteries do about 2 - 3 months, but I guess it depends how much z wave stuff you have on your network using it as a repeater.

Alkaline batteries usually last the longest but guess that is without a z wave module in mind since they only released the blue one around late 2017 didn’t they?

That’s correct. It’s Z-Wave plus, the first module wasn’t plus.

I could live with 8 weeks battery life tbh. Not being able to go away for a week without remembering to pack a 9v battery is no good for me.

Everyone I have encountered with the blue module has the same problem.

I guess the PLUS is because it drains batteries faster, try using just the normal Z Wave Lock device handler and not the official Yale one for the Conexis, it has to be something with that rather than the new z wave hardware.