Nest with Fibaro Sensor


I’ve been looking around the web for some answers about Nest with Fibraro sensors. Can these be paired up together to work similarly to the Ecobee3? I like the idea of multiple sensors in the house connecting to the thermostat… I just don’t like that I have to buy separate sensors for my thermostat. Does anyone have any insight?


Nest isn’t officially supported by ST (should be soon I hear…I guess WINK beat them to it), but you will find a device handler here. My Nest(s) installed into ST without any issue. I also have a couple Fibraro sensors and I can definitely create rules using the temp on the Fibraro to control the thermostat or use the motion detection on the Fibraro to control home and away modes on the Nest, turn on, temp set, etc.

What are you trying to do?

You’re doing exactly what I want to do. Control the Nest using those sensors. I’d like it to monitor temperature in the room I’m in to make it more comfortable. My bedroom is colder than my living room so it takes more heat there.

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I think you will find the community here pretty helpful. I’ve only been on a couple weeks, but lots of great info.

I use a iOS app called Smart Rules. I’m pretty sure its like the Smartthings community Rule Machine, but for me just much easier to use, but not as powerful as Rule Machine.

Here’s a rule that uses the Fibaro to sense I am in the room, check the temp via the Fibaro and if below a certain threshold it runs a routine. Inside the routine is setting to turn the Upstairs Nest up to 69.

Rule Machine is the SmartThings Community app your should also check out for powerful rule creation.


Perfect. That looks exactly like what I want! Thanks

I’m having a lot more success with Rule Machine versus Smart Rules.

For some reason Smart Rules rules just stop working. Rule Machine seems to be working with much more reliability and allows for so much more customization within a single rule.