Nest thermostat V3.0 not working

I downloaded the Nest template and it shows up in the smartthings app. But nothing works. Has anyone had similar issues with V3.0 of the nest and the template that is available to the public?

I’d really like this to work otherwise I am debating returning it and getting the ecobee.

I am using it with my Nest 3.0 thermostat. What device type code did you use?

Nest thermostats are not officially supported although all 3 versions do work, due to the work the community has put in to ensure it. You will also need pollster to get updates.

Ecobee are officially supported, if official support is a requirement then the choice is pretty easy.

I realize nest is not officials supported. The problem is it doesn’t work at all. I used the template exactly as is what did I miss?

Possibly hitting the refresh button. The device does not update itself

Try using this device type:

Make sure you put in your username, pw, serial number in the settings.

Maybe this is the step I am missing where are you putting the pw and serial number?

Just to be clear…

You have to copy and paste that code into your Nest device type, then save and publish it.

Then, on your smartphone, find the Nest device and open the Preferences on it, input your username, pw, and serial number.

Good luck :wink:

That worked just had to comment out the humidity buttons since that is not an issue where I live and I don’t have much of a way to control it other then AC anyway.

I was trying to edit the code with the username and PW that does not work.

Thank you!

Mike, which line number(s) did you have to comment out ? Im having the same problem

I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! I previously owned the 2nd Generation Nest and had dozens of problems with it. I was advised to upgrade to the 3rd, the latest, Nest Thermostat and it would’ve solve all of my issues.

I listed, I upgraded and I’m very disappointed. The main factor in Nest 2nd vs 3rd Generation is that it rarely fails, malfunctions or freezes. Unfortunately, both models turned out to be rubbish and I decided to buy a Ecobee4 instead.

I hate Nest and will never recommend it to anyone else!

I was devastated when, 5 weeks after buying the Ecobee3, the Ecobee4 was released. My luck… would’ve loved to have that Alexa integration. Might still upgrade sometime in the nearish future because I’m a weak, impatient person.