Nest Generation 3?


Can anyone tell me how to use the Nest Generation 3 Thermostat in Smartthings?, it doesn’t seem to be able to detect it.


Hiya Mark,

Nest is not directly supported in smartthings but people on the community have given a few different methods as a work around. Not sure if you have given this a go The instructions buried in here helped me get my 2nd gen nest working. [UK] Nest Thermostat Device Type

I’m not sure 100% if this will support some of the new features of nest like the hot water controls, i’m sure someone can provide better insight,

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Cheers mate, more hassle than I imagined, I think I’ll just stick with Nest App until Smartthings supports gen 3.

If you’ve looked around the forum who’ll probably realise you’ve got a very long wait if you want official support. No reason not to use the community created one. It works great.