Nest Thermostat motion detection

now that I can connect my nest thermostat to smartthings I read somewhere that you can use the thermostat as a motion sensor. Is this possible? Does anyone know how to do this as I cannot currently see anything on the Smartthings app to let me do this? Thanks.

Add a new automation and choose the device which is your nest thermostat, it will then give you the option of motion as a trigger and then what you can do with it.

When doing that the only options i get are temp, humidity, state & mode. No motion option available.

Oh, so sorry, I had clicked on my nest hello by mistake. I checked again, and you are correct. At the moment it seems i can use motion for only my nest hub max and nest hello.

Have you had any luck setting off any automation with the motion sensor from the nest hub max? Just tried to get it to turn on my kitchen lights…didn’t work. Also tired the sound sensor. No dice there either.

I’ve got it to work with the Nest Hello no probs…pretty sweet.

Of course, you can with MyNextManager

More features, more commands available, and no throttling…

It’s a groovy-based solution, so it’s compatible with all smartapps and automations under ST.