Nest thermstat and SmartThings motion sensor

Hi, I have been able to add Nest thermostat as Things in my smartThings app using the code provided here. here is wht i am trying to do and want to know if this is feasible. My Nest thermostat is located in family room. The study room is in another corner of the house. I have installed a smartThings motion sensor in the study room. Can I use the motion sensor in the study to tell nest to put me in home mode? Especially on the days when i am working from home, i do not want nest to think that i am away.
another question, I guess the smartThing motion sensor is not a temperature sensor. Which means if the temperature drops down in study room, I cant let the sensor tell the next to increase the heating? is there any other sensor which i can buy which can be used for such purpose.

I am aware that ecobee3 provides that option. was wondering if there is a work around nest


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The current nest device handler (multi-tile)

It provides commands away(), present() (which set the nest to away or home) which can be called by Rule Machine to change home/away nest status. In Rule machine these would be custom commands

The nest thermostat it self is a temperature sensor, so you can use rule machine to monitor it (The nest in home mode should be set the right temperature away ?? )

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Can you use temperature or motion sensor in other room to direct nest via smartthings to go to home mode?

If you use rule machine, yes. You would create conditions and set the modes you want.

You will want to think thru the logic you choose, you don’t want someone (unwanted) coming in your house, and the house makes them comfortable…

I also would like to know if there is any way to use a Smartthings motion sensor to “add” a motion sensor to Nest so it can use it to learn. Is the best I can do have a setup to tell the Nest I am “home” when motion is detected? My Nest aims basically the exact wrong way to catch most of the motion on the first floor of my house, and I have a SmartThings motion sensor that IS aimed the right way.

Couple of ideas:

Nest manager can have temperature schedules. And in the schedules you can have motion settings


I creat a schedule that says

68 degrees. Modes: home, home night
If motion 72 degrees. Offdelay 1 hr

That would set nest to 68 when home and if motion is detected set it to 72

This is not try to have nest learn (although it may), it sets what you want

In the schedule you can have stat mode (heat,cool, eco, auto) be adjusted based on motion

Not being programmer minded, could someone please explain how (in detail) I can add my nest protect and nest thermostat to smartthings. I have read this thread, and it might aswell be in Chinese. I know it is probably quite simple for those that understand, however, I am not one of those people. Many thanks.