Nest Manager install help needed

I had Nest Manager up and running for a while. Feb 8th it quit. After trouble shooting i gave up and decided to delete everything(Even Nest Dev product) and try again. I see there is a new app called “ST-Community-Installer”
So i decided to install that and use it. For some reason I still can’t seem to get it.

You will get the quickest answer by asking in the author thread for that particular code. The author will be automatically notified when new posts are added to the thread and other people who are using the same code may also be able to help. :sunglasses:

If you can’t remember where the thread was, check the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki and look on the HVAC list. There are actually several different nest managers, so I’m not sure which one you used. ( another reason to ask in the author thread)

Meanwhile, I’ve moved this thread out of the top level “smart app” forum category, because that’s intended for discussion of the official smart apps like smart lighting and smart home monitor, so not as many people look at that. I know this title doesn’t really match what you’re asking, but this area does deal with custom code, so you’re a little more likely to get an answer here. But the best thing is still to ask in the author thread.