Error connecting Nest service

Whenever I try to connect my Nest cameras to SmartThings I get an error message.
If I exit the error page (shown in the screenshot), I can see that in fact the service has been added to SmartThings but it doesn’t list any of my cameras.
Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

You might try using the Google Home app to authorize SmartThings first. There’s also a chance that your camera model(s) aren’t supported.

What you should get after selecting the Nest integration in SmartThings is a page from Google where you can set which devices and which capabilities SmartThings is allowed to see.

I had set this integration up a long time ago and deleted it as useless. I have six Nest Outdoor cams that were purchased and installed in 2018. They are detected and set up by this integration but for some reason only one cam is created with the correct name, the rest are all getting named Outdoor.

I’ve kind of forgotten why I got rid of the integration so I’m going to try it out again.