Nest and homebridge

Hello guys
I have added my 2 nest thermostats and I can control them in the st app. Unfortunately I cannot see them in the homebridge app under thermostats. Is this normal?

Yes. The official nest integration doesn’t work with third party smartapps.

If you want to enjoy your Nest Tstat in all your preferred automation & smartapps, refer to this thread:

There are more commands & capabilities available, no throttling, and it’s feature-complete. It’s a groovy-based solution, so it’s compatible with all smartapps and automations under ST.

And, there is also a version for the Hubitat platform if you want to switch hub later.


Thanks for the answer

Will have a look

if you are looking to connect nest directly to homekit and avoid going through ST, there is starling home hub that offers a direct connection between nest cams, thermostats, protects, sensors to homekit. any feature in nest (nest account or google account) is available to homekit. i have this and enjoy it.

initial cost might be high to some ($89) but it is another option that is available for users to consider.

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