Neo Power plug works well?

Hello guys! I’m waiting for the hub to arrive! I would like to take this plug! Neo coolman power plug
Do they work?

If you mean the Neo Coolcam zwave Device, it should work fine with SmartThings for basic on/off capability.

Does not monitor consumption?

You may need custom code for any advanced features like energy monitoring.

Excuse my ignorance! But what codes do you talk about? Is it planned?

I’m sorry, it’s a very good question, but I am not feeling well today and I am not going to be able to explain. Hopefully someone else can introduce you to this aspect of the SmartThings platform. I’m going to tag a few Community members who are very good at this kind of explanation and hopefully one of them or another community member will be able to help.

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Thanks for your kindness! I’m new and I know little about your stuff! Even there my English is not the best! I hope you’ll be back soon!

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Hiya, take a look at the link below to the community supported wiki. Basically, SmartThings can support some z-wave and zigbee devices out of the box. But sometimes certain advanced features require a customized version of their default device handlers; in other cases a custom device handler is necessary to get a device to function at all.

It’s not all that hard to setup these custom device handlers. I have no coding experience whatsoever, I’m just good at following instructions :grin:

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But I do everything from smartphone application?

Nope, there’s a back end to login to your hub that’s accessible via a web browser.

See this post:

Hi, change the type of it to “Z-Wave Metering Switch” and it will show connected power and consumption.

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I just found the “Better Laundry Monitor”.

That works with the Neo CoolCam power plug.

A message when after a period of time the power consumption is almost zero (adjustable).

Yes, download and use this device handler:

directions are here:

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