Need to visually manage Mesh-Z-wave network

-Although, there are tools|Repair Z-Wave network| to fix the z-wave network.
-I see, when making large systems need to visually manage this Mesh-Z-wave network.
-What do you think?

Manually overriding the routing tables, if this is what you mean by saying “visually manage” the network, will only lead to problems down the line, UNLESS you are 100% sure of the routing that should take place.

On Z-Wave this isn’t really needed if, and i need to state this clearly, you include devices AFTER they have been placed into their final physical location. Each device can then “ping” it’s direct neighbors via NOP commands and report this to the central controller, resulting in a functioning mesh network since the controller knows which nodes are in direct range of eachother.

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Some info here (you need to use a secondary controller like z-stick)…