Need to get a device to trigger momentarily and run local

The built-in device type, Z-Wave Virtual Momentary Contact Switch, does not run local according to the device list. Zwave Relay does run local according to the list but does not support configuring the momentary period. Custom device handlers do not run local.

What is the correct procedure to request a modification to the built-in Zwave relay device handler to support configuring and triggering as momentary?

EDIT: I see now that in the mobile app momentary time setting it available for setting hh:mm. It doesn’t allow setting times shorter than a minute and it is unclear if the timer that is set is relative to the trigger time or the time you are setting it. I’m having trouble finding a easy way to describe what I mean. Can the ability to set the timer in seconds be added?

Is there any other way I can get the device to trigger momentarily and run local?

Edge drivers (the replacement for Groovy DTHs) are installed on your hub and can run local. Since you need a virtual device, check out the thread below - @TAustin was recently working through a request for a virtual momentary button that might fit what you need.

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Indeed, the latest version of my driver includes a momentary button with both a switch and a contact that are flipped, and then reverted back after a configurable delay. The switch behavior is also configurable to be either on->delay->off or off->delay->on.

Can you explain more your use case?

Absolutely. I have 2 Mimolites used in the exact same scenario. The output side is connected to an electric strike. I need the strike to trigger for 3 seconds.
I recently changed from the manufacturers DTH to the Z-Wave Virtual Momentary Contact Switch DTH. This is functional but occasionally get lagging that I attribute to the cloud. I would love to work toward completely local processing.

I worked through @TAustin’s creator and it will be useful for another area.

What county are you in? If in North America, have you considered a relay like the Zooz ZEN17 where there is a paramater that is stored on the device itself to act as an auto-off? That way you don’t need to rely on any hub or cloud logic to perform the timer action.

Thanks, I’m North America. I’ll look into that one, it looks really nice. The mimolite uses Parameter 11 to set the momentary time but I’m not sure how this correlates to cloud processing location.