Centralite Outlet as Momentary Switch

I’m trying to use a Centralite outlet as a momentary switch that’s processed locally, if possible. I’ve tried overriding the device type to both “Z-Wave Virtual Momentary Contact Switch” as well as “Momentary Capability” both with no luck - nothing happens when the button is selected. Anyone know if there’s another built-in device handler or custom one that might work? If not, are there any other options for rules that run locally that can be delayed by a few seconds at most? I’m planning on using a piston as a method of last resort. Thanks all!

First things first: a centralite device is almost certainly zigbee, not zwave. So no Z wave DTH is going to work with it.

In addition, A centerlite outlet is a binary (on/off) switch. Not a momentary switch.

A momentary switch is like a classic doorbell. It rests in the “off“ position and only shifts to on when you activate it. Then it immediately returns itself to off. That’s the “momentary“ part.

But the centralite turns on and then stays on until you turn it off again. You can’t change that with a device handler.

If you want it to be local, you have to choose a local zigbee outlet DTH. But it will still be a binary device, not momentary.

Do you have the model number for your device? Just so we can verify both the protocol and the device class. :sunglasses:

Thanks for your help! I figured as much that the Z-Wave DTH wouldn’t work as it’s definitely a Zigbee device (it has a Zigbee Id), but I thought it was worth a shot. I do understand that the physical device is certainly not a physical momentary device, but I was hoping to essentially emulate one with software (device handler).

model: 4257050-RZHAC
manufacturer: CentraLite

I grabbed the model from the IDE Show Device page. The actual device is the PEQ Appliance Module.

Setting up a piston to accomplish what I’m hoping to do seems easy enough, but I thought it was worth asking if there was anyway to accomplish this locally.

No, That particular model does not support momentary operation. As you mentioned, you would have to set up a custom logic to toggle it, and custom logic is not currently available for local operation.

What are you trying to do with the outlet? Are you trying to use it like a button, to register a reaction in ST? Like a momentary button? If so, that won’t work. That’s not the right device. If you’re trying to get it to act like a momentary RELAY, to do some function, then there are ways to get it to act like that. Basically, you would have to use an automation to turn it off so many seconds after it is turned on. For example, WebCore. Ultimately, what are you trying to use the momentary switch for? If you give us more details we might be able to help you more.

I’m using a relay combined with the smart plug to create a garage door opener. I’ve set up a piston to turn the switch back off after a few seconds whenever it’s turned on - my hope was to find a solution that ran locally to provide just a bit more peace of mind.

My use case here is not to include the opener as part of any automation; rather, I would like the option to remotely close the door if / when the door is left open accidentally (after being sent notifications). I’ve tested that the opener eyes and other wireless openers still work if the switch + relay were to remain on and those work as expected; the only issues is that the physical button for the opener will not work (as the circuit is closed by the relay / smart plug combo). I also have a camera with a full view of the garage. I realize there are other solutions available (some with rather poor reviews on Amazon) but I like the idea of using what I have available.

In a different thread JD was kind enough to elaborate on the reasons why the UL requires quite a bit more thought and technology in order to operate a garage door while away from the physical door. After reading these concerns, and considering my use case, I feel the risk is acceptable. If the house were to be sold or rented, the relay would be removed.

What do you mean by “runs locally”? Do you mean, in your ST hub? Well, in that case, you have to have no automations that run in the cloud and a DTH that doesn’t run in the cloud. You should have your relay in parallel with the push button. Then either would work. If you have them in series then they only work when both are pushed. I had this setup for a while and my local push button worked fine.

Possibly adding some info.

Last time that I checked there are zwave relays that are supported and run locally by SmartThings.

But last time I checked the zwave momentary device and virtual momentary device do NOT run local.

So a supported relay can be automated and run local, but if you need it to run as momentary relay for things like a garage door and other things, it currently cannot run local?

Please correct me if I am wrong, as far as I know the mimo branded relays can do the momentary functionality themselves in their own firmware/hardware, BUT the mimo devices do NOT run local.

Does anyone know if there are any dry contact relays that are supported and run local, that handle momentary functionality themselves?


So hypothetically, you can setup a lighting automation to close door if left open for an hour, and the physical device can open and then close on its own.

Does anyone know if all routines now run local?

Originally I think smart lighting worked local, but some of the other routines did not.

Edit: quibino dry contact relay seems to be able to handle the momentary in hardware.

Does the quibino device type run local?

Do routines now run local?

No routines run locally. Also, you cannot change the mode locally and you cannot arm/disarm smart home monitor locally.

The only things that run locally are the official smart lighting feature and some parts (but not all) of smart home monitor.

No custom code runs locally.

Everything that runs locally is distributed to all smartthings customers as part of a hub firmware update.

They have said they want to change that eventually, but no timeline has been given.

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Thanks for the info.

So where does one enter the rule, if open an hour close?

In smart home monitor I have rule, if open an hour, send notification.

So does this monitor rule run local?

I realize that even if it does run local, notification to phone requires cloud, in current SmartThings architecture.

If monitoring does run local, what would be an example of a fully end to end local rule for monitoring?

Read through link above, okay some monitor rules can turn on other devices and be done locally.

You don’t need to have the processing local for what the OP wants to do here. The manual button just has to be wired in parallel to the relay he’s using. I have done this setup and it works fine. That way you don’t need internet to get your garage door opener to work. Now, obviously you need electricity, unless you’ve got one with a battery backup.