Any relays run local?/built-in zwave relay does not run local

So the built-in device type: Z-Wave Virtual Momentary Contact Switch, does not run local.

Now the mimo-lite, as an example, can handle the momentary functionality, but the built-in device type for the mimolite does not run local either.

Does the zwave relay without momentary contact run local?

Anyway, for momentary contact are there any that run local?

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Okay, zwave virtual momentary contact switch are listed as confirmed local processing in the other thread.

What am I doing wrong?

My zwave virtual momentary contact switches are listed as processing in cloud.

It shows up as cloud for me too. I was actually surprised when it was listed in the FAQ the first time, because I thought all the virtual devices were cloud.

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I’d bet a few bucks that no Virtual Devices are local.

Virtual Devices are rather unofficial, cuz there is no way to create them outside the IDE and “average” customers aren’t likely to ever login to IDE.



Tagging Xtropy. If the local processing list needs to be updated, can you do it?

It seems that at least this item is not local?
Z-Wave Virtual Momentary Contact Switch

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