Need to find why a routine in alexa runs

Hi I have meross garage opener connected to my garage door. The meross app works as expected (open/close). Meross device is added to Alexa app as well. I set two routines in it . Once to have Alexa say Garage door is now open and other to say Garage Door Is Now Closed when those actions happen.
What i have noticed is sometimes Alexa randomly says Garage Door Is Now Closed while in fact it was not open in the first place. The routine just runs as if triggered by something. I do not understand what could cause routine to run randomly. Would it be possible Alexa loses connectivity to Internet or to the device and runs all routines, one of which is for Meross Close Door and after finding door is closed it just announces that.
It freaks us out that alexa randomly at night announces Gara Door Is Now Closed, as if something opened it.
As additional info, the routines work fine when truly garage door actions (open/close) take place.

Any idea what this could be for the problem of random announcement.
Thank you.

Check if Hunches is enabled in Alexa? It could be creating additional Alexa Routines

Thank you. I just checked Hunches in the settings. No hunches have been setup.