Need Help With Meross 3 Garage opener

I have installed my Meross 3 door garage opener, and it opens and closes fine using SmartThings app, Meross app and Apple HomeKit. I am able to use Seri to open and close, but would love to use Alexa or Google. I set up a routine as follows in Alexa app.

  1. When I say "Open Alayne’s Garage
  2. Turns on the Meross Garage Door 1
    Alexa answers, " Alayne’s garage doesn’t support that".
    How do I fix Alexa?

In Google, I get the response that a PIN is needed, but I don’t see any way to add one.

I would like to use Alexa as first choice, but I would settle for Google. Thanks.

Don’t use a custom Alexa routine: The open/close is base functionality for that model. However, you will have to set up and use a pin code.

Here are the instructions from Meross:

Thanks, I will try it.

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@JDRoberts Still can’t open the Garages. I say “Alexa Open Alayne’s Garage” Ad Alexa says no device or group Alaynes Garage. I think it has to do with my wife’s name, as my garage opens correctly. Furthermore, I am not sure how to pronounce it differently.

Alexa often has difficulty with proper names and especially with device names with apostrophes.

Try renaming it to something distinct like Foxtrot or Tango or Daisy.

If that works, then have your wife pick a device name that works for her.

@JDRoberts Yes, I thought about that, by my wife is being stubborn. Maybe I can spell it slightly different.

You Could try just dropping the apostrophe. We had a device where we had to change “Michael’s” to “Michaels” to get it to work with Alexa. :thinking:

Yes, I have tried that with no luck. Guess I have to change full name.

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