Need to automate an off-on-off-on sequence in under 3 seconds for an outdoor light

I need some help getting a rule to work or an alternate method. I installed a flood light with a motion sensor on a GE zwave on/off switch and want to be able to put it in “manual” mode so it stays on indefinitely. I setup a core rule but it seems to fully execute, or at least the last step of notification happens immediately and it doesn’t do what I need it to do.

Here is what I have to do to get into manual mode:

  1. Light must be on for at least 60 seconds
  2. Within 3 seconds turn off -> on -> off -> on

Here is what I tried:

  1. Create a virtual switch that I will use to enter manual mode
  2. Setup a webcore piston to monitor the virtual switch for “on” then perform the sequence described above on the physical switch, and send me a push notification for the last step. (See screenshot)

What happens: light turns on, notification received immediately. Lights never turn off, or if they do it is many minutes later.

Any ideas how I can do this?

Webcore has their own forum and most of the experts hang out there, so I would ask over there and someone should be able to help you. :sunglasses:

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Thanks. I just posted over there and have the link below in case it helps anyone else in the future. If anyone knows of a way to do this outside of webcore I would be interested in hearing those ideas as well.

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I think people may be confused by the use of the term “manual mode”, however, because “mode” has a very specific meaning in the smartthings platform and refers to the mode variable.

The other tricky thing for you will be that, if I understand it, this is a light that comes with its own motion sensor. If so, you will probably need to give us the brand and model of that light in order to get accurate answers.

The 3 second gap is going to be a challenge with a cloud based system and mesh network. Also, your screen shot looks like Core, not WebCore.

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You are right, it is CoRE not webCoRE. I will get this updated right now and will rebuild the rules tonight.

Just realized you’re talking about a “manual mode” On that particular motion sensor light. My bad. But it’s still going to confuse other people, I think.

Anyway, there have been some other people who have done this successfully, and webcore should be able to attempt it, but as @prjct92eh2 said, with the cloud involved that’s really hard to accomplish in a three second window. So you may find that it works sometimes, but not others.