Need some help wiring Caseta (Pic)

Hi There! I’m hoping someone can help me out. I’ve wired a few of these successfully but this one has me tripped up. There is a single group of wires (red black and white) that was split into 2 switches. The middle switch controls a plug outlet that controls the lights at our front gate. The left one it’s attached to I have no idea what it does. It looks like the switch I’m trying to replace has no ground and is load connected to the switch to the left. It then has a wire connected to the white one. The caseta I’m trying to install is a non dimmer version. Would I be able to just connect black and white to get this working?

Edit: Switch to the left has a red connected directly and shares the black. White is only connected to existing middle switch.

My Lutron caseta has blue (capped) white red black and green wires. I’m wondering if I can just connect 2?

Got my answer! Unfort this switch cannot control a power outlet (it needs neutral and is not powerful enough. I would have to wire the switch to always on and dummy plate it and get a plug in version to control the front gate outlet that controls the lights. Hope this helped someone else out there