Need some help or insight on a zwave repeater problem I'm having

Adding @Tyler to this conversation. He might be able to answer the question of why devices are no longer local.


OK - so support tried helping me - took control and ran tests. they eventually had me bring all the outlets close to the hub. Then there were no errors/failures. They told me that the z-wave repeaters that I had weren’t good.

but here’s my thoughts : I think we’ve got it all wrong. They do have a Z-wave plus chip but they weren’t designed to be repeaters. Here’s why I say that and please correct me if I’m wrong.
I opened up the Iris Smart Plug. I found the Zigbee chip and on the other side is the Z-wave chip. But nowhere can I find an antenna for the Z-wave - the typical coiled antenna was nowhere to be found. which makes sense why they have to be so close to the hub. Thoughts? Here are some pictures and if anyone could tell me where I would put an antenna on the board - that would be awesome and I’ll try it out.
The Zigbee chip is where it says"MeshConect"
The Z-wave is the other side

Zigbee Side

Z-wave Side

I just figured out the antenna is under the barcode - that goes from R101and along the edge


Any updates on this guys? I am having the same issues with the Iris Plugs. I bought three of them. I was able to include the zigbee portion and z wave portion fine following the inclusion instructions you guys had here.

The z wave uses a device handler of “Z Wave Device” which I noticed showed as INACTIVE in the IDE. I changed it to use Z wave generic dimmer and now it shows as ACTIVE in the IDE. I don’t know if this makes a big difference or not,I still can’t repair them on the network. Any thoughts from anyone on why and how to fix?