Need simple tempature alert

Just looking for simple temp alert when it gets to hot or to cold.Only app i found requires something to turn on when the temp drops to alert, only have had smartthings for few days and have nothing to turn on.Tried to copy and paste code i found posted but don’t know how to properly fix to avoid errors.I fixed the quotes but not sure after that.

What are you using for a temperature reading? You can use a SmartThings multisensor, or other items. If you don’t have a device, you can add a Smart Weather Station Tile as a device from the web interface.

Once you have temperature reading in your setup, you can go to the Dangers & Damage section of the Dashboard, click on the gear, then click on the Extreme Temperatures option. Configure it to use any of your physical devices or the virtual weather tile and follow the rest of the options.

I have a multisensor and a aeon multisensor.I am using a android phone to control and don’t understand what you described.I just want to be alerted while at work if lets say my pellet stove stopped working and the temp starts to drop.I thought it would be a good warning sign if the temp suddenly starts to raise unexpectedly in a room.I don’t know where dangers and damages section is or how to add weather station tile,still learning.

I’m not familiar with the Android version, so hopefully someone else can walk you through setting it up. It is definitely possible to do without any custom programming. Another thing you could look for is to configure the “It’s Too Cold” SmartApp, if you know how to add/configure those.

That app wants you to choose something to turn on before it will work.Just want to know when temp is low or high.

In the iOS version, turning something on is an option, but not required. Sorry, I’m not sure what else to suggest.

@skipthings. You can either delete these parts of code

section("Turn on a heater...") { input "switch1", "capability.switch" }
def mySwitch = settings.switch1

    and activating $mySwitch


Or, if you want to keep the switch in case you want to enable it later, change the input line to

input "switch1", "capability.switch", required : false

and the the line to turn the switch on to


I believe you can leave the “and activating $mySwitch” part in, probably will just print ‘null’. Though I am not sure.

This can be done in the dashboard section. No need to write code for it.