Need help with smart life app

Anyone know how to get English support for Smart Life app?

I have my smart life app set on a schedule for my work day. The lights come on when I wake up and go out after I leave for work. However one day I noticed the schedule was gone completely empty. At first I just reset everything. However I soon realized that even though the schedule was empty it was still working.

Now I can no longer turn that schedule off because I can’t access it because it is just gone. And yes I have access to everything as I am the only one living here. I have tried to find a support page but the only thing I can find is in Chinese. And I can’t find anything regarding the problem online.

Any help would be appreciated.

This forum is for people who are using the Samsung SmartThings Home automation platform. That has its own app. Although the names are similar, it has nothing to do with the SmartLife app or company.

Try asking in the Reddit home automation subforum. It covers all brands, and someone there may be able to help.

this issue seems pretty familiar.