Need help with setting up actiontiles

I need help setting up action tiles. I am using a Samsung Galaxy Tab E 8" because I already have it on hand. I want to be able to do the following

Have dakboard as a background

Have a button in actiontiles to launch the Arlo app (unless someone has figured out a way to show the Arlo cameras in actiontiles

When running Fully, I need to have it to where if someone rings my Arlo doorbell, the Arlo app launches over the top and I can answer it.

I want to have a tab in actiontiles to view my Google calendar.

I also need to be able to have the screen off most of the time and have it activate when the camera detects motion (I know you can do it on fire tablets, how do I do it on a Samsung?)

Thanks for any help you can provide

You’ll probably get much better responses to these questions over on the AT forums, but I’ll help where I can.

AFAIK, Arlo doesn’t offer an open API into the camera, so there’s no way to view the stream in AT and I’d also imagine it’d be the same for opening the doorbell on press. However, you can look into ArloPilot which people have had success with getting still image shots from their cameras that update usually every 5 to 10 minutes. You can then use a media tile in AT to display this image. Tiny Cam may also be a possibility to get the stream of a camera, just don’t think that’ll be helpful for the doorbell.

To turn the screen off using Fully, go into Settings, Device Management, then check Screen Off Timer and set the timer length you want. Go back to Settings, go to Motion Detection, and check Turn Screen On on Motion. You can also adjust the darkness threshold and camera sensitivity here.

Hope this helps.