Need help with rule

Ok. I’m sure (hopeful) there is an easy way to set this rule(s) up.

Currently, I have a Smart Lighting automation set up where if any of the 3 people that live here arrive home between sundown +30 minutes and sunrise -30 minutes the outside light turns on so we can see to unlock the back door. I’d like to have this light turn off after x minutes. I’ve tried multiple times to set this up in Smart Lighting and RM and can’t seem to get it going.

Current, very simple automation is below.

I appreciate any help you smart guys can provide.

Since it has been a year with SmartThings and setting this up, I don’t recall if this is a custom SmartApp or a default SmartThings configuration setting. Here is how I have it set up, you might need to find the SmartApp if it isn’t part of the default configuration.

Go to SmartThings app > My Home > Family > select one of the family members > Select SmartApps > select Light Turn On Arrival (This might need to be installed?)

Then customize which people and what settings you want.

Using smart lighting you will need a second rule. The rule you posted looks like it works fine.

The second rule will be like this:

FYI- You can do this is one rule with rule machine.