Meross Garage Door Opener $30 (limited time deal)

use coupon code XR3KXX65 at checkout.

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Hey - Thanks for this and have been looking at it…has anyone used it and have any feedback?

I’ve had one for over a year. Works great w/ Alexa and phone.


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Any possibility of tying to SmartThings?

you can use the official Meross integration for their garage doors

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Did you set up any automations? I am really missing my open upon arrival and would love to get this working again but not sure if the Meross has that ability.

you can control open/close through the ST app and in Routines

but should mention:

Compatibility Check: It is compatible with more than 200 brands. Please check whether your garage door model is in the compatibility list in “Product guides and documents-User Guide”. If you are not sure whether your garage door is compatible, you can do a compatibility test. If your garage door needs accessories to solve compatibility issues. please send us the information about your garage opener, we can ship the proper accessory for you, and make it works.

head over to to find the info

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Saw that and I may need an accessory but really just wanted to know if I could successfully integrate into a routine and if anyone had tried routines with success.

I use mine in Routines. GD opens when I arrive, closes when I depart

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Got it (with discount) installed and working like a charm…kinda bummed I lose my wall switch but having it open automatically when I arrive is worth it I suppose. :smirk: Thanks again for the heads up!

my wall controller still works.

Did you install the wires for the Meross in the slots with the wall switch wires? I assumed I had to pull those.

it should connect directly to your garage door opener. If you do not have the correct connector or button controller, contact Meross support and they will ship the correct one (depends on your brand/model of door opener and what year it was manufactured). send them which model you have for both meross and your garage door opener and the buttons on the opener… those are shown in the installation guide and how to contact.

So I followed the compatibility check and shorting the wires was successful so I didn’t need an accessory. I pulled the wall switch cables as the instructions weren’t clear if I could plug both the Meross and the wall switch wires into the same ports on the opener. See attached photo of installation instructions.

contact Meross support and let them advise you. my GD has multiple ports. Most likely they will send you a remote button that gets attached to the Meross device and that button gets linked to your GD. the button they send would be free (if that is what they recommend)

but you should be able to use the meross opener and keep your wall controller working.

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Emailed them right before responding here…thanks for the conversation as it may end up netting me the ability to use my wall switch!

For the benefit of others since it is not clear in the set up instructions, according to Meross you can plug both sets of wires into the same port for the wall switch. :slight_smile:

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