Need help with idea: GE Switch with virtual features


I’m looking for something that just might not be possible. I have a GE paddle switch that turns on 5 recessed lights. The recessed lights have all the fun features such as rgbw, dimming, and white light control. Currently a virtual switch turns these on and off and controls a lot of the features. This is done through webcore

Webcore programming in a nut shell: If virtual switch changes color then recessed lights change color. Etc.

What I’d like to do is have my ge switch have a custom device handler that allows me to still do the the on/off double tap feature and has virtual settings for dim, 2700-6500 scale, and rgbw. This could eliminate my virtual switch leaving me with one switch.

I’ve messed around with the following device handlers to see if I can combine them but I havent had any luck.


sticks18/Fibaro-RGBW-Group-Controller/blob/master/Virtual_Fibaro_RGBW_Device.groovy (had to change the white level to 2700-6500 scale)

I’ve also just added the generic rgbw device handler in smartthings to the ge switch and the on and off work. When I test the rest with webcore code the color changing, dimming, etc all work. All I’m missing is the double tap feature. Is there a way to to this? Or has someone already done this?

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