Need help with automation every hour of the day

I’m not an IT guy or a programmer so I’m hoping someone can help me out here.

Looking for the simplest way to have a switch turn on for a few minutes and off every hour of the day, every day of the week.

I have to recommend webCoRE to manage this complex automation


Webcore would certainly do it, but you could also just do it with a daisy chain to a virtual timer. All you need is smartlighting. :sunglasses:

Switch A turns on and you use power allowance to have it turn itself off after, say, three minutes.

Then have a virtual switch which turns itself on when the physical switch turns itself off. Use power allowance to have The virtual switch turn itself off after 57 minutes.

Then have a third automation so that switch A turns itself on when the virtual switch turns itself off. :sunglasses:

The result is an infinite loop which triggers Switch A every 60 minutes.

Note however that there is no way to stop this without disabling one of the automations.

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How does the power allowance portion work? Does the plug you are using have to have a power monitoring feature?

No, power allowance is just a timer feature. It will work with any switch. You set it with the official smartlighting feature.