Recycle timer / repeat on off command / cycle timer?

If you’re asking the same question as the one this thread is about, It’s still the same answer as above. it’s easy to do by daisychaining virtual switches, but it may not run locally.

See the following discussion from last week.

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Also, you are replying To a thread which is more than three years old. :scream: A lot has changed in that time, although in this case unfortunately nothing that will help with your question. But please do not respond to threads which have not had any activity for more than a year without first searching the forums to see if there is a current active thread on the same topic. Otherwise other community members end up having to read through dozens of ancient and out of date posts and it just confuses everybody. Thank you.

Finally, I’m not even sure your question applies to the topic in this particular thread, I’m a little confused about what you’re asking for. It might be better if you just start a new thread with more details in the following section of the forum. This thread, and the one I just linked to, are about repeating cycles at a fixed time interval for a single device. I’m not sure that’s what you’re asking for.

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