Need help with a switching project

hello, I want to automate a manual switch for a VMC (simple SPDT switch Single Pole, Double Throw) and I don’t any devices that can do it simply.
is anyone have an idea ?
VMC electric diagram

Hi @jean-louis_rocchisan
Do you need Off position, speed 1 and speed 2 or only speed 1 and speed 2?

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only speed 1 or speed 2
when speed 1 is on then speed 2 must be off

You could use a dumb SPDT relay driven by any smart switch or relay.

thank you what do you mean by “dump” SPDT ?

I found this one
do you think it could make the job?
what would be the wiring diagram?

Hi @jean-louis_rocchisan

With that relay it can be done, as long as the consumption of your fan is not greater than 5A.

If you need more power there are MHCOZY relays, but powered with 220v I have only found 4 channels, but they cost almost the same as the one channel one.

Sorry, I ment Dumb.

Thank you very much for the wire diagram and your help

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