Need Help to Integrate Treatlife Ceiling Fan Switch to ST

Hi guys, I’m fairly new to Smartthings. I bought some Treatlife ceiling fan switches and I’ve been trying to add them to ST and am struggling. I tried to do this via a device handler and then creating a device for it. Functionality is in the app, but it doesn’t do anything to the fan. I don’t really understand the Github or Smart App approach but am looking into it. If anyone is versed in writing code and can help me, I’d be truly grateful for a breakdown/ walk-through. If this has been done already/ if someone knows how to add a smart device to ST that isn’t really compatible with STs’ platform, I’d appreciate some guidance.

My understanding from what others have posted in the forum is that you shouldn’t need to use custom code at all. Just use the official Smart Life app integration.

I know @Terri_Baker had these working this way. (“C2c” in the following post just means “cloud to cloud“ through the official integration that you will find in the smartthings app when you select SmartLife.)

Some people have said initial Alexa set up can be a little tricky because it creates multiple devices, one for the fan and one for the lights, and they found they had to rename the fan in order to be able to get control of the fan speeds by voice, but it’s become quite a popular device in the community. the last year or so. :sunglasses:

As far as adding devices which don’t have an existing smartthings integration, that’s a whole other conversation. For Wi-Fi devices, the manufacturer usually needs to have an open API. But if you’re interested, you can find out more about that in the following section of the forum. ( note that the groovy cloud is scheduled to go away by the end of this year, so most people aren’t writing new integrations with that anymore. Instead, they are using the new platform. So while there’s a lot of stuff in the forum about the groovy methodology, since you’re starting from scratch I think it might make more sense to go with the new architecture.)

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Yea I had seen @Terri_Baker post in Treatlife integration? - #2 by Terri_Baker also. Apparently changing the speed is not an option doing it this way and I was hoping to be able to turn it on and off and also change the speed. Similar to how I am able to do this with my Leviton Decora Fan Switch (fortunately and unfortunately this was easily done because it’s readily compatible with ST). I really appreciate and thank you so much for the quick response @JDRoberts ! I actually tried to test it out regardless of knowing that the speed setting would not be available. Idk if it’s because my wifi switch is solely for the fan and Terri’s was a fan/light switch combo but I’ve also run into some problems with this method. I’m able to link the Smart Life account I created and was able to add the fan switch to the Smart Life app, however the device is oddly not showing up in ST :sob: Not sure what I’m doing wrong here… when I try and add a device to ST, I chose the brand Smart Life and then options pop up to choose a device type. I choose “lighting” since “fan” isn’t an option. I’m wondering if this is part of the problem. Ik the ST app did an update yesterday, I’m also wondering if it is part of the problem?

Regarding the custom option, do you know how I could find out whether or not Treatlife has an open API?

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Hopefully somebody who is using the device will be able to comment further. That’s pretty much all I know about it. :thinking:

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@Zizzy I do not have this fan controller switch, but I do have around a dozen Tuya/Smart Life devices. They can be integrated with Smartthings, but most of the time you need to use a work around.

1st pair this switch with the Tuya or Smart Life app.

2nd if you open each device in the SmartLife/Tuya app and hit the edit icon (pencil) it will list the “3rd party controls” that are available for that device.
I have a dozen Tuya/SmartLife devices. Most list Alexa and Google controls. Only 1 lists SmartThing.

3rd if you are lucky and Smartthings is listed as a 3rd party control go to add a device in ST and pick Tuya (not SmartLife) and then select other. And run the integration and see what you get.

If Smartthings is not listed as a 3rd party control let me know and I will post the instructions for a work around.


Thanks Paul for your response. ST is not listed as a 3rd party control for the device I have. Just Google and Alexa like you mentioned. Looking forward to the work around.

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@Zizzy In the SmartLife or Tuya apps create separate “tap-to-run” on and off automations (scenes) for each device you want to use in SmartThings. Treat the fan and light switches as 2 separate devises.

In SmartThings rerun the Tuya integration even if you are using the SmartLife app. Do NOT use the SmartLife integration.

When you go back to the main page in SmartThings you will find separate “on” and “off” switches for each device possibly in No Room Assigned.

They will say they are off line, but ignore that for now.

Create a virtual or simulated switch in SmartThings using create a device in the IDE or using SmartThings Labs (3 dots in upper right corner of SmartApps) in the mobile app.

Using SmartThings “Automations” create 2 automations. One will say toggle the “on” scene when the virtual switch is turned “on”. The second will say toggle the “off” scene when the virtual switch is turned “off”.

Or use a WebCore piston for each device. The first part of the piston say toggle the “on” scene when the virtual switch is turned “on”. The second part of the piston say toggle the “off” scene when the virtual switch is turned “off”.

If you use “Automations” instead of WebCore you will need to go to the ST web portal (not IDE) and open each on and off device and operate the switch. This will wake them up. You only need to do this once for each on/off scene.

If you get creative you can probably create and tap and run Automation (scene) in the Tuya or SmartLife app for each speed you want to use in ST.

I have been using for a year with no issues.

Since this is a c2c integration there are NO device handlers or Smart apps involved.


Thanks Paul! It worked, tried webCoRE and ran into a plethora of problems so I did the automations option and that worked. :slight_smile: I can turn the fan on and off. Do you think it’s also possible to incorporate changing the speed setting via an automation as well?

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@Zizzy I am glad you got it working. I have been considering getting a couple of those switches for my cabin where I run ST without a hub.

Yes, I think you can do something with the speed, but I don’t have that device, so it is only an educated guess. Have done some thing similar for light brightness.

In the Tuya app create a tap-and-run automation for each speed that you want. Then in ST create a corresponding virtual switch too toggle it. So you could end up with high, medium and low speed switches in ST. You can use that same “off” tap-and-run (scene) that you already created for all 3 speeds.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you operate the physical switch, or control the device from the Tuya app, ST will not know that the status has changed.


So far so good with the Treatlife switches, minus the lack of ease of integration with ST. Leviton, although more expensive comes with all this integrated so there’s that. I bought both to compare and decide which one to keep. :slight_smile: I do notice the Treatlife ones make a very audible clicking noise when you toggle any of the settings remotely. Leviton is super quiet. I do like the bigger speed controls on the physical switch for Treatlife though.

Regarding the speed setting issue, I was thinking this also after you taught me how to do the automations. I was considering this and thought I would just have to set up virtual switches for each speed setting. I’m going to try it. :smiley: I’ll report back and see how this goes. :slight_smile:

Oh and also, thanks for the heads up on changing the fan switch settings in the Tuya app and ST not recognizing the change! I didn’t think to check this. I suppose another point given to Leviton :sob: Man, I really wanna keep the Treatlife switch, as it’s cheaper :sweat_smile: but the more I look at compatibility the more I’m leaning toward Leviton… although, I did have an issue with the My Leviton app within 24hours of creating an account. No issues with either Tuya, SmartLife or TreatLife when I’ve had the device installed to their app so that’s a pro for Treatlife so far in terms of reliability.

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Hey just thought I’d report back. I did as you recommended and have switch options in Smartthings for each speed setting for the fan. I’m glad there was a work around! I thank you and @JDRoberts again for your assistance!


You are welcome. Glad it worked for you.
I may have to try one of those switches.

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My Treatlife DS03 Fan/Dimmer was Smartthings integrated right out of the box with third party control enabled for Alexa, Google Ass and ST (this was immediately when first installed about 7/8 months ago)
My Treatlife SPST switches however were not - but about a month or two later (and this is probably Jan/Feb) I suddenly saw in Alexa that it had found 8 new devices; those TreatLife SPST switches had been added and on further inspection saw it was because they were coming from SmartThings - and sure enough, there they were too.
Recently I added another Fan/Dimmer switch - the TreatLife was not immediately available to ship but I found an Esmlfe switch that looked virtually identical in the images (and as it turned out, in reality too) - it was also almost half the price on sale!
I installed it using the TreatLife App (rather than add the EsmLfe app) and it recognized the switch instantly and included in my list of devices - the ONLY difference from the TreatLife however is that this one does NOT include the ST as a Supported Third Party Control - at least at this time; I am hopeful, like the SPST switches, it will miraculously appear one day when it is added to the Tuya Cloud.

But the main point it, MY Treatlife Fan/Dimmer DOES have ST integration and was right out of the box.

p.s. try adding in ST as TuyaSmart devices.

Just installed a couple of these and they are not seen by ST. They do appear in the TreatLife app.I noticed your note about TuyaSmart but when adding it wanted to link to account to Tuya. I went with it and created a Tuya account and it does appear to have worked! Thanks for the insight.

In the Tuya app open the device, click on edit (pencil or 3dots in up right corner), and look at supported 3 party controls. If Smartthings is listed it should work. If it isn’t listed you will need to use a work around to get partial integration.