Help please Ring Doorbell install on classic

Hi, I consider myself a seasoned Smartthings users, 2+ years with many devices etc- I have a Ring door bell already, just bought a 2nd device for a side door, BUT I cannot find where to install it on the Classic app - I thought it was preconfigured and just in the menus but the option for Doorbells/ring seems to have gone. Am I missing something?

I don’t have a second Ring yet, but I believe you go to Automations, then the “Ring (Connect)” app. When you open the app it should show what connected devices you have, so you may need to tap on that list and select the new Ring you just added to your existing Ring Account. I’d think the app would “sync” with Ring to show you your devices, but if not, you may need to remove and reinstall the app. Again, I’m just speculating.

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HI thanks, yes you are right ! but actually I fixed it (well added it) by installing the new app, that added it easily, then exited out back to the original app etc and it was successfully there. :slight_smile:

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Yes, you need to use the Smart app “Ring Connect”.