Need help automating/scheduling my siren! Plz Help :)

Hopefully someone much smarter than me can help me out here. I’m new to the smart things game and I currently have smart things, IFTTT, 7 Smart Lights, Blink Cameras, and a gocontrol z-wave siren. Everything seems to work great but the one issue I have is when I get notified from my blink alarm it comes through as a imessage on my cell phone… Which is fine during the day, but I will never be woken up by that in the middle of the night thus making the cameras useless. I bought a Siren hoping I could set up the following scenario below.

Currently the only thing I have set up is a presence switch that arms my cameras automatically arm when I leave and disarm when I get home.

  • At 10pm, I want my cameras to automatically arm and set up something that if there is motion detected by my front door camera to sound the siren. That way if I’m sleeping and someone comes to my front door, I will actually here the alarm and be able to handle the situation.

What is acting as your alarm system. Ie SHM

@Mavrrick58 I don’t have anything set up in the smart home monitor currently

So what is Blink Alarm is that a alarm system that or is that just referencing your cameras

Sorry! Blink are the Cameras… They don’t integrate with smart things so I have to set up everything with IFTTT.

Probably the least problematic option would be to simply add Smart Home Monitor on your setup. Then setup that camera as a motion sensor for SHM, and the alert action then would be to trigger the siren. I am not really familiar with the Blink cameras, but as long as they are part of smartthings and visible to SHM that should be a good option.

That’s unfortunately the issue… It doesn’t integrate directly with smart things. It’s separate which is why I use IFTTT to control it most of the time

So is there a IFTTT recipie that works with your blink cameras that can act on something in smartthings.

I have a feeling that is what you need. You may also need to integrate that with SHM and use a virtual device for IFTTT to trigger. You may have a better experience if you just opted for a Motion sensor that can work outdoors like a Aeotec Multisensor 6 or a ring security device(i they integrate)

You could also get the Arlo Camera and doorbell kit that you can have it act with it’s siren. but that isn’t cheap.