Need help ASAP with bathroom extractor?! Module

I’m in the process on renovating my bathroom

Currently I have a
FIBARO RGBW dimmer module - for ambient led lighting
FIBARO DIMMER 2 - for my downlighter

I also want a module separate for my inline extractor to turn this on and off. Not sure which will be suitable.

I will be powering all these circuits off retractive switches and I want my fan to be on a separate wall switch outside.

It will be all smart using an aeotec multi sensor 6, but the reason why I want restrictive wall switches is as back up, if internet ever went down, issue with automation or even the possibility of I ever rent the house out.

So just really need to know which module will I need for the in-line fan that works with a retractive wall switch?


Any one? Really need help with this ASAP please

You are in the UK I assume? Are you going to use a battery powered “retractive” switch or a main-line one? What type of extractor fan are you running? 110 or 220? There are too many variables to just answer the question outright.
You can use any controller that can handle the load that isn’t a dimmer.

Ahh I see

In the UK

I am using mains retractive switches currently with fibaro dimmer 2 modules

That way if anything happens to my modules or SmartThings I can still use the retractive switches as normal.
Plus if anyone turns the light switches on and leaves them on it won’t matter.

The inline fan that I will be using is a manrose 240v

I wnat this to be on a retractive switch next to the other switches
That way again if anything was to happen I can manually turn the fan on and off as required.

But on a day to day basis it will be controlled by the aeotec multi sensor (hard wired) and using CORE for the automation.

So I need to know what module I need behind the retractive switch for this to perform flawlessly

Hope that’s enough info ?

Thanks for your time in responding back to me.

Anything that can handle the load and doesn’t dim. The possibilities are endless.

Ideally I want to use fibaro as they seem to me reliable and easy enough to program

Which fibaro module would work for my circumstances?


Not familiar with Fibriao devices. But anything that can handle your electrical load of the fan (wattage) will work.

I’m using a dimmer 2 with a (dumbish) fan.

Bathroom fans usually have their own (run on) direct power supply and only take a signal from the light switch, so a dimmer may be ok (depending on your fan).

In another bathroom I have one of these:

Which lives separately from smarts, as I consider it smart enough to do what needs to be done.

If the main light is on, the fan comes on (it’s very quiet). If it detects humidity, it comes on regardless of whether the main light is on. That’s about all I need I think. I’ve had it for about 3 years and it’s been pretty much flawless, and does a good job.