Wiring Fibaro FGS-213 for extractor fan

I’m wanting to add Hue bulbs into the bathroom, but at the moment the extractor fan comes on with the lights, so if I’ve got the light switch always on then the fan will also be on.

I’m therefore wanting to add in a Fibaro switch so that I can detect when the actual lights are on and switch on the fan when they are.

At the moment the fan is wired up with Live, Neutral and Switched Live (it’s wired like this as it runs on after the lights have switched off for a certain length of time)

Looking at the instructions for the FGS-213 I can’t tell how I need the wires configured to get it working correctly.

You plan on wiring this into your fan and not into your switch, right? You would need to have a neutral at the fan itself which is very unlikely. We would need to have a wiring diagram for how your fan and lights are currently wired to tell you how to adjust it for your setup.

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From what I can tell (without climbing into the loft more to investigate) is that it’s got a perm live, switched live and neutral at the fan.

This is the fan and it’s been setup by the builder 3 years ago with the timing function (so it carries on after the lights are switched off currently)

I’ve seen it’s got brown, grey and black cable going into the fan connectors if that helps.

Otherwise I’ll have to check when I get home.

I plan on just wiring it into the fan if possible as I want the lights to have a permanent supply.

Are you sure that the supply coming in is permanently on? It looks like when wiring you have to choose between a switched input or a perm input (if you’re using the built in pull-chain.

Apologies it seemed like the screwfix manual for the fan pointed to the wrong location. It’s a ceiling fan that matches “diagram 4” in this link: https://www.plumbworld.co.uk/documents/1-manrose-bathroom-extractor-fan-installation-guide-xf150p.pdf

I’m not an electrician but I think it’s fairly straightforward and assumes the physical switch for the fan is always in the ‘on’ postiion.

The permanent live stays as is - straight to the fan.
The Live wire goes to ‘L’ on the FGS-213
The Neutral wire needs to connect straight to the fan and also to ‘N’ on the FGS-213
‘Q’ on the FGS-213 goes to switched live on the fan.

That leaves S1. You could join S1 and L together. But I’m new to Smartthings and not sure how inclusion works on this device. The instructions suggest toggling S1 three times in which case you would need a switch between S1 and L but I think you’ll get the same effect by just toggling the existing real switch.

Thanks, I managed to get this working as follows

I did exactly as you said, but regarding S1 just didn’t wire it up at all.
To get it to pair I used the button on the relay instead and it seems to be working fine.
The permanent live means the fan can run on as before after the switch is off (but I may change the fans timer down to 0 in the future and use webcore to set some other rules on it)

That’s good to know as I’m planning on doing the same sort of thing myself shortly.

Hi, thanks for this discussion, I have a similar setup for my fan, which also has a light. I want to keep the wall switch on permanently, then use a Hue motion sensor and Hue bulb to turn on the light when entering the room. I also want to turn the fan on when the Hue motion sensor detects temperature above a certain threshold, and I believe I can solve this by connecting a Fibaro switch to the fan connection in the connection box on the fan. My only concern was whether the fan motor creates some kind of spike when starting that could damage the Fibaro?

Be careful. Make sure whatever switch you are going to use is rated for motors of the horsepower you’re going to be switching.