Need "Expert's" help: IRIS Keypad integration

I recently purchased Smartthings to use as a security system (after my expensive ADT contract ended). I am pretty happy still now, but I need a keypad to arm/disarm - otherwise the system is a dealbreaker. I read that the IRIS keypad can work with Smartthings. I searched in these forums and also on Google and found a long list of information but I am more confused now. Can someopne please be kind enough to point me to a link where I can find a concise set of instructions to do the following:

  1. Pair IRIS Keypad with Smartthings.
  2. Allow me to set the key code for disarming.
  3. Allow the keypad to arm / disarm the system.
  4. Have a 1min / 30sec entry/exit delay.
  5. Chime when contact sensors are opened.

I am relatively handson with programming, and I can follow step-by-step directions but I am not an “expert”.

Please advise.

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Thanks of posting that link. However it looks too convoluted to me and puts me in a big soup of things. Is there a simplified link that shows how to install for IRIS keypad.

Can I ask why you need a keypad? You can use actiontiles with a refurbished fire HD tablet to arm and disarm the house.

I need a keypad, so my kid can arm / disarm without having to resort to my cellphone. Also it is a pain to arm/disarm from a cellphone always. A simple button / keypad on wall is what is needed.

I am intrigued by “actiontiles with a refurbished fire HD tablet”. Where can I learn more about it?

That’s why I suggested the tablet running fully, Dakboard and actiontiles. You can mount it or have it loose and they can arm anything you give access too

" running fully, Dakboard and actiontiles"

Thanks. Can you point me to the right resources, where I can get some step by set instructions.

I did see the Dakboard APP available on Amazon APPStore. But how about Actiontiles and how can make the whole thing to work?

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Follow the steps and you will learn a lot of the concepts that you will need for future setups.

There is a DTH (Device Type Handler) for the Iris Keypad half way down the instructions.

Looks like a lot but I can run through this setup in 10 minutes. The instructions are very detailed for noobs like yourself.

It has Everything that you need and there aren’t any other quicker ways to accomplish what you want.

Action Tiles is cool as well.

I have both. The Keypad is much more user friendly…

I agree with @rontalley, and use a single Keypad, ActionTiles and LanNouncer with Big Talker on two Kindle Fire 8 tablets and an older Android phone. I find the audio feedback regarding alarm status, eg: “System is now armed in Night Mode”, “Front door is now open” very useful.

There is some good information in the Xfinity/Iris/Centralite Keypad TroubleShooting paragraph of my SHM Delay Smartap to get you started.

ActionTiles currently allows for only a single pin code that never expires, hardware keypads can have multiple pin codes, along with one time use pins and date limited pins.

It’s a substantial process getting to this point.

  1. Start with getting the keypad working with Smartthings,
  2. then install the ethayer’s lock manager,
  3. then SHM Delay

Now for a display device(s) (not your daily smartphone). I use Kindle Fire 8s, currently $79 with 16GB and an old Android (Version 5+) phone, with Google Play Store installed as per XDA developers.

  • ActionTiles($28.99)
  • Lannouncer and BigTalker.

As I said it is a process, it took me a few months to get it working the way I wanted, but I wrote a Smartapp and modified a few others in the process, YMMV. Each step was a “learning experience” starting with pairing and hardware testing the keypad. If you long for adventure, roll your own apps with WebCore.


Looked at Action Tile closely for this. It sounds great EXCEPT you can only have ONE PIN. They do not support support multiple pins (according to their own community support will not any time soon). This is a show stopper as there are multiple family members, plus friends that stop in to take care of pets occasionally, generally plenty of reasons to have more than one pin. Other than that stupid restriction Action Tiles looks awesome!

I actually have been using ActionTiles’s Keypad and I hate it…the app on any of my devices is a bit sluggish to begin with, but on top of that, the keypad has a tendency to move when i type it in, making it very difficult to enter the correct pin without mistakes. I bought the Iris keypad because of this, but am having difficulties determining the correct device handler for it…

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I too have been looking at options for a keypad to make smartthings more usable as a typical alarm system in addition to home automation…etc. Why hasn’t smartthings made updates to better support this? In the year I’ve had it, there seems to have been little significant improvements to the monitoring section and built in apps (smartlights…etc)

I programmed the IRIS keypad to work with my smartthings system - but it keeps giving me issues every few weeks by somehow getting unpaired with the hub. major pain. I wish there was a more compatible simple keypad that would work here.

For anyone finding this thread:

Do not use SHM Delay version 1. It is out of date and deprecated.

Please use SHM Delay 2.0

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With Iris and Centralite/Xfinity not being sold these days what keypad should I use?

Iris (dont get the V1) Centralite, and Xfinity Keypads are usually available on EBAY. Caveat Emptor

Would you recommend this one: ?

I believe that’s a gen 1 keypad which will not work with Smartthings

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I realize this is an old thread, but figured it may help someone out.

I recently purchased a gen 3 ( iL02_1) Iris Keypad on eBay for $20 bucks. I initially tried to find a free Device Handler that I could use to arm and disarm my system through SmartThings but wasn’t having much luck. I did come across one from RBoy but wasn’t quite ready to pull the trigger on a paid membership just yet. Membership to his site definitely seems worth it, but I wanted to see if I could figure it out on my own first.

As I searched some more, I found some threads that said the CentraLite 3400-X keypad was essentially the same as the Iris. I found and installed a Device Handler and associated Keypad Manager SmartApp written by Mitch Pond. It looks like the code was written for gen 2 and wasn’t fully working on gen 3. The only thing I could get it to do was Disarm the system. Armed Away and Armed Stay were not working. I believe this is due to the fact that the Gen 3 keypad does not use pin code for the Arm modes.

Anyway… I modified the code to work with my keypad (basically bypassing the pin check on Arm) and also added a new setting allowing you to set an Arm Delay.

This is my first time working with any SmartThings code and I certainly don’t want to take any credit for someone else’s work when all I did was make a few tweaks. So rather than post the code here, if anyone is interested, let me know and I will get the code to you.

Thanks to everyone in these forums for making an already interesting hobby even more fun!

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