Need assistance creating the Harmony "Power off" only activity

Sorry what do you mean? I’ve connected my devices to my harmony hub like this other screenshot… I have to do something different ou something else? Thanks for help me!!

Hello again… Reading more here I have to buy a Smartthhing hug to work these configuration? I just have the Harmony Hub!!!

Maybe not. Is the Fujitsu controlled via IR from the Harmony? If so, then it is probably considered an entertainment device. You should be able to add it to any activity and have it turn on with that activity and off when you turn it off.

Actually I’m able to control my Fujitsu perfectly My problem is control simultaneously with my TV… If “Watch TV” is On and I turn On my Fujitsu it does turn on but “Watch TV” turn Off!! I’m looking for a way to keep both working as I wish!! I’ve read that I Can set my Split as a home control, but there aren’t any option that I can use!! I’ll keep trying something!! Thanks to help me!!

Did you create an entertainment activity in order to turn on the Fujitsu? If so, Harmony is going to turn off every device that isn’t ‘on’ in that Fujitsu activity. Harmony keeps track of the on/off state of every entertainment device and only turns on the ones it needs to, then turns the ones it assumes you aren’t using ‘off’ (though you can override this somewhat by editing an activity to leave a device powered on when the activity ends; in general you won’t want to do this).

If you added Fujitsu as an entertainment device, you can control it during a “watch TV” activity by choosing “Devices” in the app (rather than Activities). You can then select the Fujitsu and control its power state (or any other setting you have defined for it) without affecting the "watch TV"activity. It’s kind of an escape from the current Harmony mode that should allow you to temporarily control anything.

“Home Control” devices can be turned on or off without affecting the entertainment activities, but I don’t think you can add “Home Control” devices without having a SmartThings (or some other type of home control) hub.

Hello Burd… Thanks to help me… I Will try that hint… Do you know if I can edit my current Activity or have to create a new one? I didn’t find how to add my Split on my activity!! That way I can control my Split just by the app right? Alexa doesn’t work this way… Thanks again… (Sorry something wrong, I’m still studying English)

Sorry, I’m not familiar with Split. What kind of device is it? If its IR code isn’t in the database (and you have the existing remote) you should be able to create it as a new device and teach the remote codes to the hub.

You can edit activities, but it might be just as easy to delete and start from scratch if they aren’t complicated.