Need Advice on a Wiring Project (UK)

You can’t trick it.

Remember that your goal at each step is not just to turn a particular switch on. It is to maintain the fire and electrical safety of your entire home while turning that switch on. So don’t even start thinking about trying to trick switches.

There are multiple options available. They are covered in the UK lighting FAQ.

They fall into the following major categories:

One) there is a neutral on the circuit somewhere, it’s just not necessarily at the switchbox. So you can use an in wall relay. That works just fine. You may need an electrician’s help to figure out exactly where to put it, but it will work.

  1. you can use smart bulbs, and use alternatives to load-controlling wall switches. Motion sensors, handheld remote, battery-operated switches, voice, there are quite a few options.

  2. you can use one of the switch options that does work with two wire, such as lightwave RF or Lutron, and then either just have that as a separate system, not combined with smart things. Or use one of the bridging options. The problem with the bridging options is that they tend introduce lag. So it just comes down to particular use case. For lights that are outdoors, or more commonly used with a non-switch controller like those from category two, this might be all you need.

Four) you can continue to ask SmartThings to come up with a better integration with lightwave RF or Lutron. Personally, I’d really like to see Lutron integration. It would solve a lot of problems for a lot of people in both geographic regions. But obviously it’s not up to me. :wink:

So for right now, there are options that exist that are both safe to implement and will meet many use cases. It just depends on each household’s specific needs.

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