Need a wireless zwave wall switch

I am looking for a wireless zwave wall switch that will work with smartthings. I have two lamps in my bedroom but no switch to control them. So I am just looking for something that I can stick to the wall that look like a switch that I can use to easily turn on and off both lamps and I would like it to integrate with smartthings.

Any ideas?

This is my personal favorite (this is a clickable link).

The Cooper RF9500 is more of a decorator style. (you can’t use the dim controls on it, though, just the button push). So it looks nice, but it’s just a single switch. And it costs a lot more.

But most people in the community use the handheld Aeon minimote left on the nightstand. (US or UK frequency available.) Comes in white or black. It’s about half the price of the other two and has four buttons so that gives you more combinations. It’s also an officially supported device while the other two rely on community provided code.

Shop around, because price varies a lot on this one and it’s often sold in bundle packs. You can only get the black one in the newer model which is more expensive. If you want a bunch of them, you can get the white ones in the older model for 5/$100 or about $25 for one. (Both generations have the exact same functionality once the firmware is updated, they just look slightly different and the newer one added the black version.)

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just got the rf9500 and the pictures everywhere are wrong that shows a standard wall switch that gets power
the rf9500 only has one light next to the button, but it is a dimmer. I called cooper to complain and they confirmed it would eat up too much battery with all those lights… bummer it is sweet looking.

here is the link to show what it really looks like

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