12v dc relay


I have a gate that opens when receiving 12vdc. Is there a device that integrates with Smartthings hub that will work for this?

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I heard of someone using a thermostat for that use, but I thought that is an expensive solution since the cheapest one I found was $99 + 30 for zwave adapter…

I think the way I’m going to solve it is by simply purchasing a plug in wall outlet. Then a simple AC/DC converter. When I fire on the outlet it will provide power automatically. Thanks for the reply.

If you can solder, you could add a relay and input/output terminals to an arduino and ST Shield.

Evolve LFM-20 Z-Wave Relay Fixture Module


I just wanted to post an update on here in case anyone needs a solution to this outside of the LFM-20.

I was able to get my front gate to lock/unlock by purchasing the GE 45605 outlet module. I also purchased a 24v 500ma AC/DC inverter on Ebay for $10. My total cost was about $50. From there I simply wired it into my strike lock on my gate which once provided with 24v 500ma of power it unlatches. It is a fail secure gate lock. You can buy them on Ebay for $30.

My next project will be purchasing one of the magnetic door locks on Ebay and wiring this into my safe room!