Need a smart app to control dimmer levels via motion AND LUX

Is there a SmartApp out there that will do the following…


  • Fibaro Motion, which have lux ability
  • Linear Dimmer Outlet Module

Basically, I would like the lights to come on based on motion (presence in the room) and the dimmer level set based on actual lux level. If the light level is above a certain threshold, they don’t need to come on at all. There should also be multiple dimmer / lux level combinations. Basically, as it gets darker throughout the day, the dimmer should increase to the point where after sunset it would just come on at a high (specified) level, again, based on motion.

Anything out there that can do this? The one problem I see is that the lights will conflict with the light level. Perhaps instead of using the lux of the Fibaro, use another lux sensor, such as the weather tile or outside sensor. The obvious need here would be to be able to adjust the lux threshold / dimmer level combination since some rooms may be darker than others at the same external lux level.

Or maybe I do this with motion and modes instead of lux and set a day and night mode. Basically looking for SmartApp options.

I just posted about this on your other thread.
This app subscribes to the dimmer on events, so its a dim level manager.
You leave your existing lighting triggers as they are, this app just adjusts the dimmer levels (from LUX preferences) when it sees a dimmer come on.
It completely solves the issue you mentioned, and you don’t need to create a bazillion modes/actions ect.
I have a dedicated Fibaro sensor set out side for the lux sensor, and this app manages all the dimmer levels for 15+ aeon micro dimmers.
You need to turn off all the existing set dimmer level options in your existing smart apps since this app takes on that responsibility.

@Mike_Maxwell - you seem to be my personal coder! :smile:

I love this idea, but I’m not sure it’ll work for me if I understand it correctly. It looks like it overrides the level, correct? What if I want to have a Party Hello Home action that sets the dimmers at levels different than this SmartApp? I assume this SmartApp will override that, correct?

This may still be useful in other locations in the house. Need to think this through a bit and see what areas where this might be useful.

Setting a scene doesn’t require issuing on() to a dimmer, only setting its level, color ect, that’s all that is required to turn on a dimmer, and, Auto Dimmer doesn’t override these. Dimmers can be turned on via on(), in which case the dimmer used the level that it was last at, or set level().

The app won’t override a dimmer level change event.
Example, I come home and turn on the kitchen dimmer at the switch, Auto Dimmer adjusts the dimmer level, I don’t want the level there, so I adjust it at the switch (or via the app). Auto Dimmer doesn’t change the level I set manually so it should work fine with scene apps.

Mike, just letting my newbie flag fly here: I got the Fibaro, and would like to use it to adjust the dimmer level (of dimmer switch controlling my front porch lights) when motion is sensed (preferably with a way also to adjust the detector sensitivity - way too high.) Something like, baseline dimmer 30% (set by the switch app provided by ST), up to 100% when motion is sensed, back to 30% - or baseline, if that is possible - after 2 minutes. Will your app do something like that, with appropriate edits or substitution of Motion for Lux?

This is possible, but not with autoDimmer. It could be modified, but it wasn’t architected for that application. Modifying it to work that way would be more work than creating a new app to appease your scenario.
The Figaro sensitivities can be adjusted, but not with the stock device driver.
You might be able to do what you want with two separate instances of the smart nightlight application, one time based setting the 30%, and the second motion activated managing the 100%.